Homes With Heart

Homes With Heart and New Opportunites is a HUD grant–funded program under the auspices of the Attleboro Area Council of Churches and Community Counseling of Bristol County.

Finding Homes for the Homeless 

Our purpose is to find and secure permanent housing for chronically homeless persons. Once this is accomplished, case management will be provided to assure support and services for the clients.  This may include health insurance and care, nutrition and budget education, counseling and community integration through volunteerism.

Track Record for Success 

Homes With Heart has found permanent supportive housing for 24 men and women, and provided related services to numerous others. Homes With Heart staff and clients work cooperatively with other agencies in the area’s Continuum of Care in order to provide the most successful experiences possible.

One thought on “Homes With Heart

  1. I am contacting you hoping to find help for my brother who is homeless and sleeping in his jeep since May of 2015. He had a fractured neck from a fall that was recently repaired and was sent to a Medical rehabilitation facility and was recently released. He is back sleeping in his car as he waits for SSI insurance because he cannot work and continues to try to get help to get on his feet and a place to live. I would appreciate any advise or help. Thank you so much for your time.
    Donna MacRae

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